Travel Tips: Essential Things You Need to Know About Macedonia

15 Interesting Facts About Macedonia: Top Travel Guide

Where should I even start? North Macedonia, as it’s currently known, is a country in Southeast Europe and is part of the Balkan countries. Like any other country, it’s essential to know what you’re going to experience when you visit it. It’s a cool place even when you’re alone, and you will feel comfortable everywhere in the country. You’ll enjoy the rich culture, lovable language, and great delicacies.

Macedonia as a Country

So, I won’t keep you waiting any longer. Here are some fun facts to know before you visit Macedonia. I will give you tips on safety, delicacies, accommodation, language, touristic destination, and many other great and inspiring things.


Controversy in the Name of the Country

Like I said earlier, the country is currently known as North Macedonia. Yet, there is still a lot of people who have contested that name because of the links to ancient Greek. Let’s not get into politics. I’m here to give you travel tips. But, this is something that you need to be aware of so that you don’t rattle anyone in the country with a political statement.


Visa Requirement

If you come from Europe and you hold an EU passport, you will get a free visa for 3 months. Other countries may find the visa processing difficult, so if you come from outside Europe, you need to make early preparations.


Safety First?

Macedonia is relatively safe, with minimal crime rates. You can walk in the streets of the cities without much worry. The security is tight, and the people seem to respect foreigners a lot. So, if you’re wondering whether it’s a safe place, you have your answer.


The People of Macedonia

Macedonians are generally friendly. As long as you avoid political narratives and questions, you’re good to go. There is a long history of political animosity, so play it safe in any conversation.


The Language

The majority of the people in the country speak Macedonian. It’s no surprise at all. That is why you may need a dictionary to help you in translating Macedonian to English.


Very Affordable Country

Macedonia is not expensive. It’s among the cheapest countries you will ever visit. You will not even need to save money. With just a few euros, you will be able to eat in restaurants, go to museums, parks, and other fun activities.


Reasonable Accommodation Rates

You won’t have to pay expensively for accommodation in Macedonia. The hotels offer very reasonable rates, especially outside Skopje. Of course, accommodation will depend on how much you are willing to pay. All I’m saying is, whether you’re working with a low or high budget, you will be comfortable.

Delicacy: All About Food

The food in Macedonia is very delicious. They have a blend of modern and traditional delicacies that will keep you wanting more. The cuisine is very tasty with salads and meat dishes. They have a special burger that will leave you salivating for more. When you go there, try the TurliTava, Macedonian goulash, and Sarska burger.

Easily Traversed

Macedonia is not a big country. This makes it easy to go to many places in one day. You can comfortable make daily trips from one place to the other with many tussles.

Tourist Attractions

Even though Macedonia is a tiny country, you will not fall short of places to visit. You can travel daily, but you will still not visit all the places. But the places that impressed me were:

  • The natural parks; Galicica, Mavrovo
  • Ancient museums
  • Modern cities like Bitola and Skopje
  • The ancient city of Stobi
  • Beautiful mountains

Amazing Macedonian Wine

If there is one thing you will remember, then it has to be the wine. It’s so sweet! You should try it when you get there.

Alcohol in Plenty, but Restricted

If you love drinking, then Macedonia is the place to be. Unfortunately, you will not be able to but alcohol past 7 pm, especially during winter. Too early? Well, that’s just the way it is. During the summer, the time is adjusted to 9 pm.

Everywhere is a Smoking Zone

You will smell cigarette or smoke in restaurants, streets, and parks. There are no restrictions.

Nature Walk and Sight Viewing

The nature in Macedonia is mesmerizing. You can take walks not only in parks but also in flower plantations, mountains, rivers, and hills.


Macedonians love sports. While football is okay in the regions, most people adore handball. You will find people in the streets playing handball and just having fun with the game.

There you have it. I hope these tips and fascinating facts about Macedonia will come in handy for you as you plan to make your trip to this small country. Trust me; you will not regret the experience.