Tips for a More Enjoyable and Safer Road Trip

There’s something great about feeling the wind in your face, as you drive along the highway enjoying the scenery and looking forward to that occasional pullovers for some picture-taking, picnic, and recharging. However, many dread road trips for fear of experiencing car breakdowns and the usual inconveniences that go with long drives. Try these useful tips to make your road trips a lot more enjoyable and safer for you and your passengers.

Plan Your Itinerary

Set a schedule of departure and arrivals, including the pit stops you need to make along the way. Schedule your trip so that you have ample of rest the night before each drive, ensuring your body is ready for that long drive ahead. While there are plenty of sightseeing and activities down the road, select a theme for your road trip and choose the stops that compliment your chosen travel theme.

Get Covered

In addition to the usual car insurance, get a travel insurance that provides coverage for medical expenses, doctor fees, examination costs, etc. Some travel insurance may even provide coverage for hotel accommodations and special restaurant deals. They’re really handy to have while traveling.

Pack Up Road Essentials

Pack gadgets with extra batteries, first aid kits, maps and navigation tools, extra clothing and toiletries. Also, bring spare tires, car parts and repair tools. Make sure that you have all the things you need for a road trip adventure, preparing for the worst such that you can survive in the middle of nowhere in case you experience a breakdown.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Make sure your car is road worthy. Have it thoroughly inspected by a professional. It can be frustrating and dangerous to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a defective car with no car repair shop in sight.

Keep In Touch

Whether you are traveling alone or with a group, make sure you notify somebody at home and at the designated stops about your trip. Whenever possible, stay online, updating loved ones about your progress – current location, next activity or destination, the people you’ve met, etc. Should anything happen, they’ll know where to find you.