Shopping in Milan

Until recently I could never understand why do people go to Milan for shopping. It seemed like a huge waste of money for me, as I always believed that I can find better looking and way cheaper clothes at the local stores in my town. But since I am young and curious I saved some money and booked a flight to Milan. For some reason I thought that I’ll have a boring stay and come home with no money left, however I started to cheer up as soon as the plane took off. Besides, I love to shop and renew my closet every now and then.

As soon as I arrived there all I could think about was exploring every single street and walking in every single store that I could find. And that’s what I did after I had my lunch and a cup of coffee of course – I needed all the extra energy I could get. Anyway, I stuck to my plans. Truth be told, for some reason I had a lot of fun shopping in Milan. I was amazed by all the nice looking and good quality clothes.

Should I even mention all that pretty jewelry and watches? I bought a lot of clothes, random things and some souvenirs. And of course, I got a little gift for my friends and family members as well. I didn’t even spend as much as I thought I would, so with the extra money I had left I visited a few places and went sight-seeing. I wish Milan was by the sea side though. The weather was great and I really wanted to bathe in the sea, but it’s ok. It still was a really nice trip and I would love to go there again. Hopefully next time my stay will be longer. I would love to get to visit all the other attractions that there are in Milan.