Tips for a More Enjoyable and Safer Road Trip

There’s something great about feeling the wind in your face, as you drive along the highway enjoying the scenery and looking forward to that occasional pullovers for some picture-taking, picnic, and recharging. However, many dread road trips for fear of experiencing car breakdowns and the usual inconveniences that go with long drives. Try these useful […]

Surprising Facts and great things to do in Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It was formed 60 million years ago. It is set on the border of Nepal and Tibet, China. Today, it become an attractive tourists destination drawing a large number of visitors to enter and explore. It is also an important element in developing China’s tourism sector. […]

Shopping in Milan

Until recently I could never understand why do people go to Milan for shopping. It seemed like a huge waste of money for me, as I always believed that I can find better looking and way cheaper clothes at the local stores in my town. But since I am young and curious I saved some […]

French Language Lessons

Beautiful, elegant and classy; three words that fit the French language perfectly (belle, élégante et classe, in case you were wondering).  They sum up the language that has given us so much in terms of culture and literature.  It is the leader in terms of fine arts and sophistication, yet so very few of us […]

5 objectives that we must not miss them in Prague

The 5 objectives that we must not miss them in Prague: Stare Mesto, Old Town – located between Wenceslas Square and Charles Bridge, is the most frequented tourist spot in Prague. Narrow alleys strain through Baroque and Gothic buildings, and Tyn Cathedral (1256) and St. Nicholas Church (XIII century). In market Stare Mesto is the […]